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This tastes good. I'm cold. It's across the street. She advised him to walk instead of taking a bus. Do I have to do it over again? I want to get a haircut before I go on the trip. He speaks as if he were an expert. Will you sell your house to him? Tom became good friends with the elevator operator in their hotel. They're eating apples.
Rgc: - You can eat lunch here in this room.
- I feel hungry.
- Wait until tomorrow morning.
- I will see him after I get back.
- He has a good chance of being elected.
- I don't know when I'll get around to visiting you.
- I'm afraid we won't be able to help you tomorrow.
- He doesn't look like a nurse.
- I don't go in for that sort of thing.
- You don't have to go to the party unless you want to.
Did you invite him? I want a computer. What did you do with my pants? No, I'm OK. We're late so we'd better not stop. It's a windy day. She beat him to death with a golf club. I'm free on Sunday. She sat next to me. My brother is still sleeping. I finally got across the river.

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