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Perhaps it will rain tomorrow. My mother is very affectionate. She was kissed by him. He seems unable to swim. Do you know who they are? He came in person. Frankly speaking, I hate him. Will you please call me a taxi? I've already seen it. How far is it from Chennai?
Noel Schajris: - I finally passed that test.
- Success depends mostly on effort.
- She accompanied him on the piano.
- Can you hold this for me?
- She doesn't pay much attention to how she dresses.
- Will you show me your photo album?
- How old will you be next year?
- Everyone was happy.
- How do you make a box?
- Tom's way of speaking gets on my nerves.
Do you know who he is? I have a file that I can't open for some reason. What do you need? He stuck to his job. Tom scrubbed his feet. It cost a lot of money to repair the car. I didn't mean to eavesdrop on your conversation. You'll find the way all right once you get to the station. She got him to eat his vegetables. In my humble opinion...

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